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in Berlin and East Germany

in Berlin and East Germany

U P D A T E from 06/06/2021

Now the waiting time seems to be over soon !!!! Thank you for the numerous calls from the guests every day and the curious inquiries from the girls, who have reported back to us in large numbers or would like to come to US as a newcomer because another location is now permanently closed.

We are currently checking the exact location. We are currently assuming that we will only be able to open the Anni Porsche sex lounge after CLUB 44. We are expected to reopen CLUB 44 on June 18, 2020. We have to wait and see how the individual contact restrictions change in the remaining 1 1/2 weeks and how they are adapted to the corona development. From today's perspective, it looks pretty good.

The opening of the Anni Porsche sex lounge will require a little more patience in accordance with the currently set corona regulations. In this regard, we expect July 2021. The faster the vaccination of society gains ground, the faster Anni-Porsche will be able to open, as has been the case for over 11 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Note: we are currently transferring our CLUB 44 phone number 030 6922282 from Telekom to Vodafone. Why this was not switched completely is inexplicable to us. We hope that this phone number will be available again from next Monday or Tuesday. The telephone number of the Anni Porsche sex lounge 0178 400 800 6 is not affected and someone from the team can sometimes be reached there. Just try to answer questions about CLUB 44 at the moment

The Anni Porsche team is happy together with all the girls and guests


U P D A T E from 01/21/2021

As of today, we no longer know everything else in Germany and Europe. As soon as openings are allowed, we are ready too. NOW WAITING IS NECESSARY. Please pass the time sensibly in lockdown.

Your Anni-Porsche location in CLUB 44


U P D A T E from December 1st, 2020

The whole of Germany has been in the lockdown extension since today, allegedly until December 20, 2020. Until then, our CLUB 44 will also be closed and will be ready for the subsequent opening perspective.

The vaccinations should also start this month, which gives hope that, in combination with the rapid test options planned in the future, the Anni Porsche sex lounge will also open quickly from the start of 2021.

Greetings from Anni-Porsche-Location in CLUB 44


U P D A T E from 01.11.2020

Due to the partial lockdown throughout Germany from November 2nd, 2020 our CLUB 44 will now also be closed until December 1st, 2020.

Anni-Porsche is also allowed to reopen first if, for example, discotheque clubs are allowed to reopen.


CLUB 44: !! Since 01.09.2020 OPEN EVERY DAY !!




U P D A T E from 09/26/2020

The pandemic situation increased in general in the second half of September, so that further easing is currently ruled out by the governing mayor. It is therefore unlikely that the Anni Porsche sex lounge (in CLUB 44) will be able to open in October 2020. So we hope to be there for you again as usual from the late weeks of 2020, in accordance with the legal provisions.

Please also refer to the CURRENT information and, if necessary, the scheduling of THIS (our) website.

We can hardly keep the advertising internet appearances and advertisements that we place on other websites up to date and we also do not intend to be present on these pages always and everywhere. If something changes or binding appointments are pending again, you can see it as before on

Note: The CLUB 44 can still open every day.

Greetings from Anni-Porsche-Location in CLUB 44


U P D A T E     from 29.08.2020

We have now completed the hygiene plan and the necessary installations (disinfection islands, special signs and a lot more) for our CLUB 44 and thus meet all statutory Corona requirements.

Therefore, from Tuesday, September 1st, 2020, CLUB 44 will be open again at the usual times every day (Monday-Friday 11am - 4am, Saturday 7pm - 4am, Sunday 4pm - 1am)

The Anni-Porsche-Sexlounge (in CLUB 44) is currently not allowed to open as usual due to the legal corona regulations, but probably from October 2020.

Until the next update here and we hope you enjoy it

Anni Porsche location in CLUB 44


U P D A T E     from 07.08.2020

According to the latest legal Corona information, it looks ahead that we will reopen our location on September 1st, 2020.

We are currently checking the legal details and possible special provisions in order to be prepared in time.

Until the next update here and we hope you look forward to it

Anni Porsche location in CLUB 44

Berlin, June 30th, 2020 NEWS:

Discos, erotic clubs, saunas, contact sports clubs and some more have to be closed due to Corona in Berlin.

The Berlin Senate is currently examining the gradual lifting of these bans.

As soon as the cancellation has been made by law, we will open it immediately.

So see you soon!



The NEW OPENING will take place on 30.09.2019 !!!


The sex party address:

Berlin Kreuzberg

For 9 years we are the hip sex party address for Berliners, Berliners and tourists from all over the world. Just as swinger clubs in Europe are enjoying ever greater popularity for couples, we offer just as much an experience especially for solomantic party guests (with guaranteed sex) and also for single women and couples.

You can just come to us during opening hours (only closed on Sundays), registration not required. Sex-active, sex-passive or just watching - as you like it.

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