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Jenny BERLIN + 5 Girls

, 19/07/2024
11-23 o'clock


  • Men solo
    Guarantee for sex and ALL INCLUSIVE
    Price €98 (after 21 o'clock €48)
  • Ladies and couples (m/f)
    Admission free

There are no hidden costs, not even with drinks / buffet and for sexual games no extra money is expected and never asked for additional money, because the Porsche party girls enjoy the eventful sex and you can as long at the party as make you want to.

The girls

Our tip: the girls who are listed first are more likely to meet at the beginning of the sex party. The girls who are in the middle are more likely to meet you in the middle of the sex party time. You will meet the girls listed further down in the last third of the sex party time. If there are a lot of active guests present, we would ask the registered girls to the sex party at the same time. The number of arriving party guests varies every day. We can't look into the future, but we react organizationally to the number of party guests that actually arrived.

The sex party address

Anni Porsche at Club 44
Mittenwalder Str. 43
10961 Berlin

Bell: Porsche

The entrance to the Anni Porsche location is directly from the street, in the well-known Club 44, a few meters from the U-Bhf. Gneisenaustraße, line 7.

You can also get our address directly on your mobile phone. Just send an SMS with the keyword "Sexparty" to +49 178 4008006, or send us a message via Telegram or Signal.


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