Welcome to my place


Paradise under palms

I am so happy that I have these hot rooms for our party.

An old Wilhelmine, especially this is already something special for yourself. These high ceilings, narrow room with cozy niches, the long corridor that is connected through a multi-part window with my bedroom create a special atmosphere.

All while my 5 giant palms at the thought of summer, sun, sex, sea and beach.

As is the way to my small hot tub nearby. Especially in the warm mineral water lying and my biggest circular playground is well appreciated.

If you like something more sedate, you need only run on my little bar area past and come to another room for a bit off area located cuddle. A massage table for relaxation and well-being comprehensive is also available.

In my living room you'll find not only plenty of seating, but the palm trees on the couch to a comfortable position, which hopefully makes you feel like "more".

A projector will pose huge photos and sometimes funny movies across `s room on the opposite wall.

All in all, there is an atmosphere that allows Partysex and in a good mood you and us a break from everyday life.

For for good indoor climate is ensured by various means. In summer, a gently used split air conditioning is working for recording temperature in the winter and the community an efficient heating requirement for real "Palm Feeling".