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Hello Sabine, 44 from the area Nuremberg and live for several years in Berlin. My loving and cheeky nature fits much better in the capital, as in the tranquil Frankenland. In addition, I found the Anni Porsche location in Berlin and have set myself from 03.10.2017 more often in action to expire there.

Many erotic kisses on boys and girls from Sabine

Note from the Anni Porsche location

Sabine, very beautiful and sexy, does not want to come out in public, but has entrusted us with her horny measurements, which we may call here:

Size 167 cm, bra cups 70 H, top: light-dark blond, below: blond and partially shaved, some tattoos

Sabine really has a horny cheeky-erotic tongue, is lovingly and with passion very sex active.

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