our philosophy

Feel relaxation and tension with all your senses, let yourself fall into a world without shame, in a world where showing and living out sexual feelings and emotions is not only allowed, even desired.

Such a world has already existed in Europe. Let us remember ancient Rome. Men and women understood the joy of sexual play as a necessary antidote (or solution) to the challenges (constraints) of everyday life or the legal system (concubinage).

Sexuality was present in all areas of ancient life. Whether at festive banquet, during sports in the Palaistra, on the walls and in the gardens of the Roman villas and even in sanctuaries, there were images and / or allusions with sexual reference, representation of genitals and sensual desire.

The erection was emphasized as a proud feature of the man and not concealed and hidden as in the later Christian-Western world.

The "ars amatoria" (love art) of the Roman poet Ovid is one of the most subtle essays ever written.

Above all, the joy of extra-marital sexuality was not as negatively charged as in Germany (Europe) of the time especially between 1970 until at least the beginning of the media age Internet.

Sexual play is best possible in the group. Watching the naked women in the play about the naked men's reactions to running around the liberating experience with or without an erection and being able to join in any time is a release deep into our heads.

Men are known to fall faster than women. For anatomical reasons, women discover the same liberation later and only in the context of empathy.

Our friends have discovered this and so are all prerequisites for a balanced sex party - which also allows intense tenderness, in addition, sexual togetherness and good to get to know each other.

Women and couples do not pay expenses and for men solo this is always ALL INCLUSIVE. The height is in the respective text to the individual party dates.

There are no hidden costs, not even with drinks / buffet and for sexual games no extra money is expected and never additional money requested, because the Porsche party girls enjoy the tender and varied sex!

We are looking forward to almost unlimited party fun !!!