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We often visit adventurous single women and couples, who like to relax from the stressful everyday life with us.

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We have a hot tub and a large shower area. Cosmetics and toiletries as well as towels are sufficiently available, as well as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks. Besides, we also prepare warm food for the BIG hunger.

Note: so that you do not miss even with longer sex party fun, we broadcast current live events (sports, etc.) on a big screen

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Your Anni Porsche location

Paradise under the palm trees

We are so happy that we have this great location for our parties.

A Wilhelminian old building, especially this one, is something special for itself. These high ceilings, the winding rooms with cuddly niches, the long hallway, which is connected by a multi-part window with our playroom, create a special atmosphere.

All this under our 5 huge palm trees with thoughts of summer, sun, sex, beach and sea.

Since the way to the hot tub is not far. Especially since lying in the warm sparkling water our largest playground is easy to see.

If you prefer it a little quieter, you only need to walk past the bar area and come to another room to the secluded private room. A massage bench for relaxation and overall well-being is also available.

In the large lounge area you will not only find plenty of seating, the buffet and tables, but rather sitting under a palm tree on a couch you can watch the party go on and discover new dream women and determined desire for "even more" get.

A projector throws huge photos and sometimes funny films across the room on the opposite wall.

All in all, it creates an atmosphere that allows you and us a short break from everyday life with party sex and good mood.

For good indoor climate is ensured by various facilities. In summer, a carefully used air-conditioning plant operates at a moderate temperature, and in winter a powerful heating system is the prerequisite for a real "palm-feeling".